Anwesh Tuladhar

I am a Ph.D. candidate under Xinming(Simon) Ou in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Florida.

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About Me


My research interests are in computer security, cyber-physical systems/Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, I am working in CRISP project, studying the cyber security issues in the transportation domain. I am also working on a honeypot for IoT project.

Posters and Presentations


  • University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

    Ph.D. in Computer Science, Present.
  • Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Bachelors in Electronics And Communication Engineering, 2013
  • St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu, Nepal

    I.Sc. in Physics, 2009
  • St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

    SLC, 2007

Work Experience

  • Synopsys Software Integrity , San Francisco, CA

    Technical Intern, May 2018 - August 2018.

    Worked in the Coverity static analysis team. Prototyped a client-side DOM-XSS checker for javascript by tracking possible dataflows through the DOM.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC), University of South Florida

    Research Intern, Fall 2016 - Present.

    I am writing automation scripts for network analytics work.

  • Deerwalk Services , Kathmandu, Nepal | Main Office: Lexington, MA

    Software Engineer, November 2013 - December 2015

    Back-end developer in Benecore Project: Benecore is an innovative software solution designed to work in the Health care domain.

    I designed and implemented webservice for medical and financial data analytics and report generation tolls in grails with Elasticsearch and MySQL as backend databases. I also assisted in deployment of the applications into Amazon EC2 servers. I also implemented python scripts to regularly sync data between the Benecore web application and a legacy accounting software.

  • Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Numerical Method Instructor, December 2014 - December 2015

    I conducted the Numerical Methods practical sessions for B.Sc. IT students (Sophomore year).


  • VAST Mini-challenge 2017, Summer 2017

    Participated in VAST mini-challenge 2017. Developed a data pre-processor tool in Apache Spark and a visualization tool in Processing 3 which reads an image map, converts it to an undirected graph and plots paths as a subway map and integrated with Tableau. I received mixed reviews for the tool with the scores of 4 (Good), 4, 3(Average), 3.

    Links to: Summary, Video

  • Compiler Design for an Object Oriented Language (Diminished Java), Fall 2016

    Developed a Turing complete Object Oriented Programming Language for Compilers course.

  • Yelp Dataset Challenge 2016, Spring 2016

    Developed a Spark application using StanfordNLP library to analyse businesses from Yelp dataset based on their user reviews, locations, and user communities as a final project for Parallel and Distributed Systems course.

  • Particle Simulation, Spring 2016

    Optimized a simple serial particle simulator using 3 different techniques: OpenMP, MPI and GPU in the Stampede super computer as a part of Parallel and Distributed Systems course.

  • Accelerometer Based Glove Mouse, Kathmandu Engineering College 2013

    Designed and developed an Accelerometer based Glove Mouse using AVR and ARM based micro-controllers. Used AVR studio and Arduino Sketch IDEs for the same.

    This project was selected for demonstration at the Army Technical Expo.

  • Car Security System, Kathmandu Engineering College 2012

    Designed and implemented a Car Security System with PIR motion sensor using AVR based Micro-controller.